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Preserving and developing old trees and thus creating habitats

The older a tree, the more species use it. This is in part due to the deadwood that can be found on old trees. Mature trees with big canopies are also unequalled when it comes to CO2 storage, providing shade, and evaporative cooling. They are monuments of times passed and we feel drawn to them. Old trees in forests or in cultivated areas often fall victim to the pressure of exploitation. Let’s give trees in gardens (and) in the city a chance!

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Interesting facts:


  • Almost all of Vienna's trees in open spaces in roads, in parks, and in forest-like areas are identified in a publicly accessible map (so-called tree register). The trees are even sorted according to their canopy diameters. Why not visit a tree with a diameter of more than 15 metres near you? Have fun!
    Stadt Wien, Baumkataster (wien.gv.at)