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Vibrant traffic spaces as flowered areas

Soil sealing cuts animals and plants out of their habitats; and such soils cannot absorb rainwater. This increases surface draining and flood hazards in events of heavy rainfall. In summer, it increases the heat stress on the entire area. Many traffic spaces such as parking lots, courtyards, access ways, driveways, and storage areas need not be sealed at all. If opened and replaced with water-permeable alternatives, the soil can breathe again, low plants will appear, rainwater can be absorbed, and the micro-climate will improve.

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How to get active

Unsealed paths

Species-rich seepage basin

For larger sealed areas such as parking lots, rainwater seepage must be guaranteed. A greened seepage basin is a great possibility:

Unsealed parking lots

In most cases, parking lots can be installed with water-permeable solutions. Possible solutions are, for instance, gravel or crushed stone coverings, gravel turfs, grass pavers, and lawn lattice stones.

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